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Maria Tauber Wiese, takes you on a deep journey into the Amazon basin, by vividly recounting her own inner transformation and experiences from being a consultant in Denmark to following the path that took her into the Amazon, connecting her to her artist heart and vision.

Imagine you are travelling on the rivers, the brown, the green entering into the mirror and black lakes of the Amazon Basin. It leads you to communities and traditional and indigenous peoples, traditions, realities, and mystic that puts your believes upside down - or complements them?

Maria Tauber Wiese
Artist and founder of                      RUNAPA KAWSANA ALLPAN 

 " The intuition that led to 3 years in the Amazon

- still counting " (DK)




Celebrating the richness and beauty of the Amazon Rainforest, this workshop brings joy and forest learning to children and their parents by including them in the universe of the Amazon and the indigenous people. Through dance, music and storytelling, the children observe and express themselves, while taking care of the plants.

Performing arts are an essential method of communication and learning. We perceive the world through the senses, and the arts allow us to understand, explore and express more complex ideas.


The workshop can include

visit to the exhibition.


" Dancing along the riverbanks of the Amazon" (Peru / Spain)

With Speriences: Dancer Teresa Conde and musician and composer Mauro D. Miranda from the indigenous people Quechua, together with more than 25 years of experience with traditional Latin and Peruvian folk dance and music.



Working with storytelling, materials, stillness and body- and artistic expressions, the workshop for women presents an opportunity for inner travel, as a tool to foster joy and cohesion with the world we live in.


The workshop is framed as a loving ‘family’ circle in the Amazon Rainforest, which encourages participants to consider the potential of feeling nature, sharing with others, and the advantages of redirecting the attention to  ‘just being in cohesion’. Children are welcome.

" Women's circle in the Maloca: Nature's daughter"

Hosted by Art of Heart Yoga / Julie Sichlau, who is trained in bhakti-yoga including asana, mantra, mudra, meditation, shadow work and soul alchemy, and visual artist in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest Maria T. Wiese.



"The butterfly's message". Butterfly workshop and creation for children and adults.


Come flutter with your little ones as we take you on a magical journey with Butterflies at the Amazon Rainforest and Amager Fælled!

After learning about the butterfly, and its importance in the ecosystem, we create our butterflies made out of recycled material. Together the workshop makes us more capable of creating a healthy environment for the butterfly and a healthy ecosystem - everywhere. 


I have participated in several heart space circles and what is special about the heart space Maria holds is that she lives in the Amazon rainforest, so you can feel she has it all under her skin.

Anne-Kirstine Klitmark,





Experiencing the women's circle was intriguing because it connects our body and mind with nature.

Daniela Cox,

CEO at Plura Consulting

A journey through the natural elements. Gently guided to sit in a symbolic Amazon house, a space to celebrate the art of sharing, listening, and observing. My takeaway? Elaboration of the relationship with myself. I am grateful for this experience, which reminds me that meditation is not just for the hermit.

Carmen Scioti,

Environmental / development student


 THE WORKSHOPS in action

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