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About Love & Resiliance

This is a project of collaboration and dedication to form a better tomorrow for our next generations. Our attention is on the Peruvian Amazon, a living and essential ecosystem for the global climate balance and home and source of life for the traditional and indigenous people. Never has the forest degradation and disturbance been more critical as today and human beings continue destroying the ecosystem and the species and cultures that we depend on, leaving us also at a higher risk of pandemics. 

The good news is that we have this moment to act. 

Our vision in THE WORLD WE LIVE IN / RUNAPA KAWSANA ALLPAN - is to show an alternative way of living a healthy life, and our means to do so is through communication and education of our children and adults in Peru and Europe. We cannot separate humans from nature – as well as we cannot separate nature from humans. We have an interconnected relationship, however, what we can change or influence is the relation of nature. Focus is not only on preservation but more on creating resilient people. 

We believe the inclusion of people’s voices are essential and we, therefore, collaborate with various indigenous peoples groups, organisations, researcher, scientists, and artists. 

We use different forms of Arts to combine ancient wisdom with modern knowledge, as it not only gives hope, friendship beyond borders, and understanding- it gives a possibility for learning and feeling connected while valuing and incorporating our ancestors' knowledge into our modern context. 

We wish to enable transformation and education about life in the ecosystems, both in the Amazon  Rainforest and in Europe, to maintain the biodiversity, cultures, and languages, and thereby the existence of a healthy life, and is motivated to make our material to educational material for schools. 

We are part of the movement that uses Arts to encourage pro-environmental and cultural behavior and every year we aim to include more artists and indigenous groups in our team and capacity development activities. 

The name of our project comes from the Cosmovision/world perspective of the indigenous peoples Kichwa in the Amazonian Rainforest. 


 RUNAPA = People 

 KAWSANA = Live 

 ALLPAN = Earth 

Meet the Team

Behind each of our team member, are a family and a community, and our project could not be carried out without the support of all of these people

- we call our team the extended family 


Joel Vasquez


Joel and his team are our experts on butterflies and they are sharing scientific knowledge about the Amazonian butterfly and its importance in the ecosystem. He is from the Institute of Investigations in the Peruvian Amazon.


Maria Tauber Wiese



Maria is the creative force behind the project. She is an autodidact artist within photography and artworks, and with input from her Amazonian community, she is creating the stories in the game and exhibitions, and co-hosting and developing the workshops. 


Julie Sichlau



Julie is sharing her wisdom on communicating spirituality and support to a calm mind. She is the founder of Art of Heart Yoga and our skilled co-creator and facilitator in our workshops " Heart room / Women's circle: Daughter of nature in Europe / Denmark.


Teresa Conde



Teresa, is our co-creator of and dancer in the children's workshop "along the Amazon river", connecting children to cultural stories. She has more than 25 years of experience teaching children, young people, and adults in world dance. Together with Mauro, they form the legendary duo Speriences. 


Mauro D. Miranda



Mauro is a musician and storyteller in the children's workshop "along the Amazon River". He is from the indigenous people Quechua, raised in Peru, and a composer with a musical career for more than 30 years in traditional Peruvian music. Together with Teresa, he forms the group Speriences.

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Maria Lusitano



Maria is a visual artist with focus on soul-based new economics, spiritual healing, expansion of consciousness and ancient wisdom. She facilitate arts-based participatory workshops about imagination, empathy, dream work, the soul, ancient wisdom texts and pratices,  



Rolin Coquinche Coquinche


Rolin is supporting and influencing the project with his world visions from his indigenous peoples, Kichwa. He is a natural-paint artist, teacher, spokesperson, and presenting in the exhibitions and workshops and TV.


Jhonathan Curi Doñez


Jhonathan is our key Amazonian artist and painter of RUNAPA KAWSANA ALLPAN - the game, where he presents his skills and techniques. He is presenting his paintings and wisdom throughout the project as well as in the exhibitions and presentations.


Maria Veronica Amasifuen Aro


Maria is sharing her family wisdom from the Amazon, as a facilitator for children related to natural paint as well as promoting native seeds and natural food production in the project and in TV. She origins from the Kichwa indigenous group, Peru.

Sara Adlerstein Gonzalez

Research Scientist and artist, University of Michigan, US

Liliam Hidalgo Collazps

Association of educational publications, TAREA, Peru


Our Collaborators
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