Your support not only empowers the Amazonian people, indigenous artists, contemporary artists, and culture bearers, it supports our relationship to nature across cultural and geographic borders!

 The Beautiful World 

 We Live In 

We live in a world where people are curious about learning more, eager to gain more knowledge and understanding about other World Visions, and where more and more people wish to respond to the current crisis of Cultural Identity, which is causing the alarming climate and environmental crisis of our times.


It is nothing new that the Amazon Rainforest, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, for decades has been subject to environmental degradation and that the indigenous people often are referred to as the protectors of the climate balance for a reason. However, the Amazon and its people are also increasingly vulnerable to the less conspicuous processes of forest degradation and disturbance, which diminish social and ecological integrity. The trend toward weakening of environmental protections and cultural empowerment in the Amazon and elsewhere poses an existential threat.

The good news is that we at the same time are living in the midst of a Regenerative Renaissance; where the importance of "Nature and living a life in balance" has garnered full global attention, not at least with the sanitary crisis of Covid19 and the fires in the Amazon. 

Our team has come a long way by developing this project by volunteer support, dedication, and private savings, but we do indeed need your support, as many funds have been cut down or have other focus.


By making a gift to the educational and artist project RUNAPA KAWSANA ALLPAN, you are helping to build understanding and connection of children and adults from the Western world and the Amazonian world and thereby reclaim their rights for natural and healthy life, through art-based education and communication.



The educational and artistic project from the Amazon Rainforest

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