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 The Beautiful World 

 We Live In 

We live in a world where people are curious about learning more, are eager to gain more knowledge and understanding about other perspectives, and where more and more people wish to respond to the current crisis of cultural identity, which is causing the alarming climate and environmental crises of our times.


Our team has come a long way in developing this project through volunteer support, dedication, and private savings; however, we do indeed need your support.


By making a gift to the educational and artist project RUNAPA KAWSANA ALLPAN, you are helping to build understanding and the connection between children and adults from the Western world / Europe and the Amazon / Peru; thereby reclaiming their rights to a natural and healthy life, through art-based educational materials and communication.








Your support not only empowers the Amazonian people, European children, indigenous artists, contemporary artists, and culture bearers, it supports our relationship to nature across cultural and geographic borders. 

Gift of € 20
Gift of € 50
Gift of € 150

* During the Covid19 outbreak, we collect and distribute emergency financial support to our communities. 


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