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In my art I share my sense of joy and excitement when receiving knowledge that presents me with an heart and eye-opening experience, as part of my natural being.


" One day, after a mud bath I found myself swimming to a tree trunk on a tributary in the Amazon Rainforest. I climbed the trunk, gazing at the sunset, the rainbow and looking at pink dolphins jumping.

I opened to the immense feeling of being in love, in love with this world, watching the beauty unfold as far as the eye could see while hearing and seeing the animals. "

Sitting there I trusted myself, and my intuition to be on the water and around how to balance myself on the trunk – as a metaphor of how to balance in life.


My experiences with original and indigenous people in [relatively] untouched nature have such an impact on me, that it fills my essence with compassion. This is what I express in my art. I believe that my experience of profound loving connection with the natural world can be transmitted and should impact our world. 


My senses are attentive to the damages in the ecosystems and the loss of cultural identity, among indigenous people as well as elsewhere. My immense boundless love for the natural world and what threatens it is what drives me to express myself. My ideas are offsprings of my emotions, addressed on creating a balance and a positive impact in the world I live in. 


I practice storytelling with the use of installation, materials, unprocessed photography as well as other art channels to allow others and myself to connect with the natural source within. My work always combines science and indigenous wisdom to approach and mix ancestral intelligence with modern knowledge through Arts.


My art is inspired by truth, as a channel enabling everything to go into balance, the truth within myself, in untouched nature, and the stories of others. By listening to the stories of others and passing them on, I also connect with the ancestors. 


In my work, I use simple methods and resources to encourage simplicity, to remind myself, of something that is forgotten, not known or evoking a new approach for [ethical] reflection. As the world turns around, investigating realities drives me, and as I go along, I connect with my friends’, and new friends’ stories and friendships turn into new stories and art collaborations. 

Using my attention on the Amazon Rainforest I see myself as a channel of communication between Europe and the Amazonian Rainforest for the preservation of healthy life in both locations. I wish to give strength to generations of indigenous peoples of the Amazon jungle and new generations of Europeans so all of us can appreciate the natural knowledge and connection resulting from living in nature. I deeply believe that together we can create a way for naturalness in the 21-century. 


My purpose is to gather and present the stories about truth and create ways to conciliate different attitudes and worldviews, the source of all quarrels, as a way to expand naturalness and the sustainable behaviour needed.



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